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Dear Potential Members

Autoimmune Group supported me through some of my darkest times. Being with others who understood firsthand what it's like to live with autoimmune disease and fibromyalgia was like medicine for my heart, which had broken under the weight of dealing with chronic symptoms year after year, friends and family who responded with judgement or faded away altogether, dismissive doctors, treatments that didn't work or made me feel even worse with their side effects.... The list goes on, and this was a LOT to carry. The validation and understanding I experienced in group was truly healing, and made it easier to bear the many challenges of living with a chronic illness. Group continues to be a source of support for myself and many others, where we can share not only our troubles, but also plenty of geniune smiles and laughter. Group members have become dear friends, and I am forever grateful to the goup's founder, Joanne, and her husband, Pat, for making this group an invaluable gem that's making a real difference where it is so needed.

J. H.

Central New Jersey



(908) 358-7167