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December, 2019

This was our HOLIDAY PARTY meeting! 

We had a great turn out! (See pic to the left) notice two heads in back hiding! I won't say who they are ;) plus the lovely lady who took the photo for us!

We had lots of great food and did our "gift swap" again this year! Everyone went home with something great! Plus a small token of appreciation from your facilitators!

And there were door prizes as well!

We talked about how we were planning to get through the holidays and feel as good as we possibly could while doing it

Some conversation of family issues was had by some members. Support was provided by those at the table.

Next Meeting:  January 1/11/2020, note: I won't be there as I have a memorial service to attend for a very dear friend that passed. Patrick is slated to run the meeting in my absence.


(908) 358-7167