Autoimmune Disease Support Group

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January, 2021

Update on website traffic for 2020. Last year we had over 9,000 unique visitors! This is almost double from the year before! In 2020 we had over 18,000 visits which is more than 3 TIMES that of 2019! Our website is reaching people who are chronically ill, in chronic pain, isolated, and lonely. Please consider a donation through PAYPAL to support the effort!

January Ice Breaker:  What Do You Think is the Secret to a Good Life?

Some answers were:  interactions with other people (with kindness and love), the pursuit of spirituality and knowledge, finding what drives your body/soul/mind, having a purpose, having a passion, having a sense of wonder, having a sense of curiosity.

We then discussed loneliness / isolation in the time of Covid-19. (Please see most recent Blog post on this topic!)

One member notes what a difference in their frame of mind after having some socialization, several agree.

One member refers to socialization as “nourishing.”

Group expands on the notion of “nourishing socialization” and mentioned teamwork, intimacy, fellowship, artistically and serving others as being forms of nourishing socialization.

One member states her health is much better stating she considers herself now in a “maintenance” of her health. Previously this member had been bed bound going from bed to couch. She shared some of what she is doing presently.

One member shares that she can 100% agree that participating in what you are passionate about can improve your health. She is an animal advocate and is volunteering her time at an animal shelter. She states that while her has chronic severe pain in her back, and she requires both knees to be replaced, when she is helping the animals, she doesn’t even notice her back pain!!! You all know that I feel the same when I am singing!

One member states that they accept what having autoimmune disease has taught her. She states that it has forced her to evaluate what is truly important in this life and what makes her happy. It has forced prioritization of life.

One member gives getting Cortisol levels back to normal credit for improvement in health. This requires blood testing to determine if the levels are indeed elevated, and then working with your doctor to return the levels to normal levels. Click here for a study on elevated cortisol levels  Feel free to skip to the end and read "conclusion".

One member notes that they now see pain as the body’s way of saying “I’m communicating with you that there is a problem” when previously they would have thought of it as their body “betraying” them. Some members expressed appreciating this way of thinking.

One member states that they have undergone microbiome testing and worked on getting their gut health in order. For a study on gut biome and inflammation click here: Again, feel free to skip to the "conclusion".

One member is now able to take half-hour walks where previously they were afraid to walk around back yard due to severe brain fog.

Next Upcoming Meeting:  Wednesday February 24th at 1:00 pm.  If you are not already on the email list, please email me at and I will add you to the list so you can get the ZOOM invitation.

Hope to see you there!!! Remember, no make-up/hair required! Come as you are! You can always block your camera and we will just hear your voice! 

FEBRUARY ICE BREAKER QUESTION:  “What is the best advice you have ever been given?”